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Legal Info and Links:

Alabama Law - A good summary of homeschool laws in Alabamas

Code of Alabama - Click on Title 16

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) - A Christian organization

National Homeschool Info:

American Homeschool Association - A free service organization supporting the continued growth of the homeschooling movement by providing communications and networking for homeschooling families and anyone interested in home education

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) - A Christian organization

General Homeschool Info:

Clonlara School - Accredited as an independent school


Homeschool Central - Lots of articles, resources, things to buy

Homeschool FAQs - Great info for first-time homeschoolers!

Homeschool Quest - Has info on college admissions

Homeschool World - From the publishers of Practical Homeschooling magazine. Has a great list of homeschool articles, organizations and events arranged by state, and a "mall."

Homeschooling - a Light at the End of the Tunnell

Homeschooling Information and Resource Pages - Sponsored by Home Education Magazine

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page

Sassafrass Grove - Art, Homeschooling, Peace

Shamlu - Homeschooling Resources Directory

World and I Homeschool - Publish a broad range of reading in social studies, science, culture, arts, and more every month. The website comprises the entire publication and special features including Teacher's Guide activities, Book Review Archive, Crossword Puzzles, and a series of Special Collections.

Alabama Homeschool and Support Group Info:

Alabama Organizations:

Alabama Independent Church School Association

HEART (Home Educators of Alabama Round Table)

North Alabama Home Educators

Support Groups:

Elmore County Homeschool Organization (ECHO) - A support group

North Alabama Home Educator's List of Alabama Support Groups

Support Groups in the State of Alabama

Homeschooling.About.Com - List of Alabama Support Groups

Cover Schools:

Alabama Cover Schools

Homeschool Avenue Cover School Database

Other Alabama Info:

ALEX - Alabama Learning Exchange, by the Alabama Dept. of Education. Has a listing of subjects covered by each grade and a breakdown of the yearly requirements; a good way to get ideas for areas to study, or just follow their lesson plan.

Alabama Unschoolers - Runs an email list

Unschooling in Alabama

Pagan Homeschool Info:

Spiral Scouts - Paganism's answer to Boy and Girl Scouts!

Homeschool Knotwork - Not exactly pagan, but a nondenominational site out of Canada

Homeschooling - a Light at the End of the Tunnell

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page

Pagan Parenting and Homeschooling

Relevant Organizations and Sites:

American Library Association

Spiral Scouts - Paganism's answer to Boy and Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts of America Online

Boy Scouts Take Back Approval of UUA Award - For pagans considering joining the Boy Scouts, please read these pages first
National 4H Council

The National 4-H Web

Alabama 4-H and Youth Development

Curriculums, Used and New:

(note: I'm trying to tailor these links to pagan, or at least to secular or non-Christian curriculums. If you find some of these links lead to definite Christian curriculums, or you find some more pagan-friendly sources, PLEASE let me know!)

* = direct link to curriculum manufacturer

*Core Curriculum of America

*Curriculum Associates

Eclectic Homeschool Online

*The Elijah Company - Christian-oriented

*Enki Education - Multicultural

Follett - Source of used texts

Global Virtual Curriculum - Affordable online curriculum for alternative, public, charter, international, private schools or the homeschool student

Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap - Another source of used books

*Live Education! - Produces homeschooling supplies for families inspired by a Waldorf perspective

*Oak Meadow - A pagan-friendly curriculum *Spiritual Syllabus - Another pagan-friendly curriculum: The man who wrote, publishes and runs the company is Alan Whitehead, a pioneer in Waldorf education in Australia. His books are only $14 a piece, and each book covers two grades in one of the four main subject areas (Math, Science, History, and Language Arts).

Shekinah Curriculum Cellar - Home Schooling Supplies

*TRISMS Homeschool Curriculum

United Nations Cyber School Bus - Has several different on-line (free!) curriculums available

Other Things to Buy:

5 Dollar Software - There are some jumpstart programs, language programs, math, etc. from pre-K to high school. And they have a flat $3 shipping rate. Homeschool Easy Records - Software for record-keeping

Homeschool Reporting Online

Things to Help Parents:

A to Z Teacher Stuff

Another Path - Homeschooling Your Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child

Apple Computer's Homeschool Site

Family Learning Organization - Offers standardized tests, high school diplomas, help for homeschoolers just starting out, and more

Free Homeschooling Resources

K-12 Achievement Tests (free!)

Taking Charge: Responding to Requests from Officials for Our Homeschooling Records - An excellent article on whether you should submit records!

Homeschool Reporting Online - Charges a fee

Sites for Kids:

Children's Storybooks - Stories online for different ages

Kid's Internet Radio - A nonprofit organization committed to sharing children's music, stories and art from around the world through the Internet

Kids Center for DIY Candles, Gifts, and Crafts

Fun Brain.Com

Just Like Me - Inspiring Black Children

Seussville Games - Great for pre-schoolers

Pre-School Sites:

Children's Storybooks - Stories online for different ages

Seussville Games - Great for pre-schoolers

*Sites for Teens and Highschoolers:

The Homeschool Student's Guide to College Homeschool High School Resources

First Generation College Students Clear, useful advice for all the challenges kids in that position face. The writers have contributed to sites like Education Week, US News, and College Board.

Homeschooling Teens - Diplomas and College

Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers

Getting Ready for College Early

Sign up for High School and College Prep Newsletter

Graduated Driver Licensing - Teach your teen how to drive!

Educational Sites:

The Library: Academic Success: What Students, Parents and Teachers Can Do

American Library Association - Ask anything in the form of a question and it will give you sites on the web to go to

Baltimore Curriculum Project Lesson Plans - A full years worth (regular public school schedule) of lesson plans based on the Core Knowledge series. K-5

The Education Source

Fun Brain.Com

Helping Children Learn to Read

The Idea Box - Early Childhood Education and Activity Resources

International Holidays - Gifts Around the World

Laurel Springs School - Personalized K-12 Distance Learning Program


Little Explorers - Picture dictionary with links

Puzzle Depot - Play online puzzles, board and logic games, skill contests and trivia tests as well as related books and software for recreation and K-12 education.

Quiz Hub

Whootie Owl's Fairytales & Values Class for Home or School - Lesson Plan for using folktales (ages 6-10)

English and Reading Sites:

Guide to Grammar and Writing - Interesting site which also includes interactives

History Sites - People:

Abraham Lincoln Research Site

Ben Franklin

Exploring Explorers

Geographic Overview - When complete these Histories will encompass approximately 240 American Indian tribal histories (contact to 1900)

Hernando de Soto's North American Trail

Images of Greatness - The lives of 13 enduringly famous individuals

Napoleon Foundation Presents - Dedicated to the study and diffusion of the civil and military achievements of the First and Second Empires. Remarkable site.

History Sites - Places:

Alabama Historical Map Archive

Jamestown Rediscovery

The Valley of the Shadow - A Civil War site

History Sites - Times:

Ancient Sites - The Ancient History Community: you can go to your favorite place in time and become a citizen of that culture. Take a Latin test in Ancient Rome, visit a virtual Delphi, and carry one's daily tasks as the citizen you choose.

1492 - An Ongoing Voyage

History of the French and Indian War

Archiving Early America

The American Civil War Homepage

History Sites - Misc.:

The Academy of Achievement - An Interactive Museum

American Memory

Helping Your Child Learn History

The History Place

A Hypertext on American History

The Underground Railroad

USS Constitution Museum

Western Civilization: Act III

Science and Math Sites - Space:

Amazing Space

An Inquirer's Guide to the Universe

Exploring Planets in the Classroom

NASA Spacelink - An Aeronautics and Space Resource for Educators

Solar Eclipse - Live coverage of the August 11, 1999 eclipse

Science and Math Sites - Natural Science:

Environmental Quiz

Education Resources - About 10 lesson plans, activities, and fact sheets on air quality

Endangered Species Map

Museum of Paleontology - University of California

Recycling Lesson Plans - And student activities on recycling

Surfing for Earthquakes and Volcanoes

USGS Volcanoes

The Weather Underground

Science and Math Sites - Misc.:

Anatomy of the Eye

Diagram of the Eye

Brain Games

Electric Universe

Exploration in Education

The Exploratorium - Science

The Eye

The Franklin Institute Science Museum

How Things Work

The Human Body Unit

JPL Classroom Activities

JPL Lesson Plans

Math Resources

Math Worksheet Creator

Multiplication Concentration

Neuroscience Education

Science Education Gateway

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry: Learning Guides, Tutorials and Other Resources

General Info, etc:

Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers

Cullman County's New Learning Center

The Not Back to School Camp

Summer Reading Club

Things Going On: