NOTE: Everything on this page is for families who were enrolled this past school year. If you are enrolling for the first time or enrolling again after withdrawing, please see our Enrollment page.


IMPORTANT! When sending in enrollment or re-enrollment fees, please make all checks and money orders out to "SACRED GROVE CHURCH."

All enrollments end July 1.

Attendance forms for the past school year are required by AUGUST 1, regardless of whether you are re-enrolling. PLEASE SEE SECTION ON ATTENDANCE FORMS FOR MORE DETAILS

All renewal fees and attendance forms are due by AUGUST 1 (even if you enrolled as recently as June 1).

Attendance form that you can fill out on-line

Re-Enrollment Requirements & Fees:

1) Please send in your attendance forms for the previous school year BY AUGUST 1. Attendance form that you can fill out on-line

2) Pay your tuition for the upcoming year BEFORE AUGUST 1 (See Fees for current rates). Re-enrollment after un-enrollment procedures have started will require a complete new Church School Enrollment Form and a registration fee for each child, in addition to the tuition fees.

You may re-enroll over the internet, using PayPal! You can use this free service to pay for your renewal each summer. Click here to pay your re-enrollment fees with PayPal!

3) You do not have to send in a new Enrollment Form when you re-enroll, as long as you are in the same public school district. However, IF YOU MOVE to a new residence *within* the state of Alabama, and you move into a different public school district, you MUST send in a new Enrollment Form for the new school district, immediately (don't wait for re-enrollment time!). You do not have to inform the previous school district that you have moved, but you do need to let the new one know that you are enrolled in a church school; otherwise you will be subject to truancy laws.

4) Please make checks out to SACRED GROVE CHURCH, or send by PayPal.

Late Re-Enrollments:

If you contact us PRIOR TO AUGUST 1 to tell us you will be late: You will have a grace period of 30 days, until August 31, to send in your re-enrollment tuition for the upcoming school year. There will be a late fee assessed of $25 per family, which must be paid, in addition to the tuition (see Fees for current tuition rates), before you will be considered to be re- enrolled. Please note that if your late re-enrollment is not received by August 31, we will begin un-enrollment procedures.

Un-Enrollment Procedures:

If you do NOT re-enroll by August 1 or contact us by August 1 to get a 30-day grace period (with a $25 extra fee), we will start un-enrollment procedures on August 2, which means we will inform the local superintendent of education that you are no longer enrolled in Sacred Grove Academy. You may enroll at any point again after being un-enrolled, as long as your attendance forms have been sent to us. In this case, you must complete a new Church School Enrollment Form and Registration Form and pay the registration fee for each child, in addition to the tuition fees. (See Withdrawing for further information.)