Transcript Request Policies & Fees

You may prepare your own transcript using the blank forms provided on our website. However, if you'd like Sacred Grove Academy to prepare an official transcript for you, with the director's signature, please read the policies below, fill out the form and send in with your check or money order (or pay via PayPal).

Transcript Request Form (Word)

Transcript Request Form (PDF)

Transcript Policies:

  1. The parent/teacher must supply the subjects and grades for the student, using the provided form. Sacred Grove does not know what your child studied nor what his/her grades were.

  2. Parents must turn in attendance forms BEFORE an official transcript will be made. If the student has not turned in an attendance form, we will send a letter stating no work can be verified.

  3. Official transcripts will not be made for non-graduating students withdrawing before the end of the school year. If a student withdraws during the school year to transfer to another school, parents will need to negotiate admission to another school on that school's terms, without a transcript from Sacred Grove Academy.

  4. Official transcripts will not be made for partial years of less than three months. For any partial year of the student's enrollment, we will send a letter stating no work can be verified.

  5. Official transcripts can only be made for the period of time your child was enrolled with Sacred Grove. We can not create transcripts for any school years, full or partial, prior to or after your child's enrollment in Sacred Grove.

  6. All fees must be paid before a transcript is sent to the parent, school, or college. All transcripts will be mailed, unless a fax is requested and the extra fee paid.

  7. Every effort will be made to complete the request within two weeks/14 days, but Sacred Grove reserves the right to take up to thirty (30) days to complete the request. Note that you may request a rush for an extra $15 (this does not include the fax fee).

  8. All records held by Sacred Grove Academy belong to the parent/guardian of the student. Any public school records sent to Sacred Grove will be held in file until the parents request them, in writing, and send proper postage to cover the mailing fees ($6).

Note About Returning to Public/Private School:
Sacred Grove Academy can not tell you what any public or private school system will require from you for enrollment after being enrolled in Sacred Grove Academy. It is up to each parent to personally research options when interacting with your new school and to gather information pertaining to possible future re-enrollment. Parents are responsible for knowing all requirements, both state and local, for a child re-entering the public school system from a non-accredited school (Sacred Grove is not accredited).

$25 - Transcript fee

Extra (Optional) Fees:
$5 - Fax fee
$15 - Rush fee for faster than two-week service (does not include Fax fee)
$6 - Postage fee for mailing any school records held at Sacred Grove to parents

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Transcript Request Form (Word)

Transcript Request Form (PDF)