What We Provide

For Enrolled Families:
The legal coverage of being enrolled in a church school, as required by Alabama law
Filing of church school enrollment form with your local Board of Education, with a copy kept in our files
Twice-yearly newsletter
Curriculum information (we do not provide or pay for books)
Networking of families enrolled in school
Info on where to take Stanford Achievement testing (at students' expense)
Info on where to find Driver's Ed programs

For Enrolled and Previously Enrolled Families:
Help with writing transcripts for future schools (if needed)
Easy access by phone, e-mail, or Facebook
Diplomas (parent should provide grades and a letter stating that student has earned the diploma)
Letters offering proof of enrollment or withdrawal for purposes of GED, driver's licenses, work permits, etc.

Please note: For a previously enrolled family to qualify for the above items, all attendance forms must have been sent in for past years (See "Attendance Forms" under Policies), all prior enrollment and tuition fees must have been paid, and an official notice of withdrawal must have been given prior to the student withdrawing from Sacred Grove Academy (See Withdrawal Policies).

What We Do NOT Provide

  • An on-line school
  • Curriculum or teaching materials (books, etc.)
  • Teachers to come to your home
  • An accredited school or program

Sacred Grove Academy is NOT a physical or on-line school, and we do NOT provide teachers, course work, curriculum, grades, record-keeping, an accredited program, or anything else associated with traditional schools. Please read this link so you can better understand what we are: Alabama Homeschooling.